Camp 1 – Cardiff Bay YC, 11-12 Nov 2017

Welcome to our Camp 1 (Cardiff Bay) web page!
Here is the information posted in the week prior to the event:
SWRTS 1 – Pre-Camp Info
Sailor Notebook – for taking notes.

As we know, the Process that we focussed on was tacking and we also looked at upwind skills, nutrition and boat-checks.  Our aim with tacking was to take our skill levels up another level by focussing on the small details that make some big differences!  Your squad Feedback is here:

SWRTS 1 – Sailor Feedback

Also do you remember the tacking footage we looked at?  Here it is again.  Take a look and talk through (with a family member or friend) some of the things you can see Mari doing brilliantly, and some of the things she could improve:

SWRTS 1 – Tacking Demo from Will Willett on Vimeo.