Acorn Llangorse Regatta

Welcome to the WYA Acorn Llangorse

OB Regatta 2011

Final Results!

Final OB Oppie Bat

Final Optimist Training

Final Optimist Gold & Silver

Final OB Toppers

Final Main Toppers

Final General Handicap

Final Lasers

Trophy winners

Gold Optimists 

3rd                           Mila Monaghan                                   CBYC

2nd                          Alaric Bates                                         CBYC

1st                           William Hall                                         CBYC

Silver Optimists        

3rd                           Joe Doust                                        CBYC

2nd                          Emily Hall                                       CBYC

1st                           Matthew Leary                              Mumbles YC

Training Optimists

3rd                           Lowri Boorman                  Neyland/Fishguard

2nd                          Isobel Ace                           Mumbles YC

1st                           Caitlin Clarke                      CBYC

OB Oppie Bats 

3rd                           Miller Coyle                                        CBYC

2nd                          Rhys Walker                                       CBYC

1st                           Lucas French                                      CBYC

Main Toppers  

3rd                           Daniel Jones                                  Mumbles YC

2nd                          Tobias Shapton                             Mumbles YC

1st                           Siena Monaghan                           CBYC

OB Training Toppers 

3rd                           Clare Buckingham                        Llangorse SC

2nd                          Joseph Hughes                              Mumbles YC

1st                           Emily Joss                                      Llangorse SC


3rd                           Tommi Coode                              Mumbles YC

2nd                          Frankie Dickens                          Mumbles YC

1st                           Will Creaven                                 CBYC

General Handicap 

3rd                           Jemma Viney/Nia Berry                                     CBYC

2nd                          Ciara Berry/Sam Viney                                       CBYC

1st                           Matt Viney/Huw Nunn                                        CBYC

Youngest Helm                                             Rhys Walker

Blackham Trophy                                        Emily Joss

(Top Llangorse Sailor)