West Wales CYRC Series 2018

Congratulations to all the competitors involved in the

West Wales CYRC Series 2018

West CYRC 2018 Overall Results

June 24th Sun Tenby SC  2018 CYRC results
July 22nd Sun FBYC  2018 CYRC Results
Sept 16th Sun Llanion Cove/PPSA PPSA Toppers: Teras/ Opti bat & Optimists PPSA GH Results
Sept 22nd Sat Dale Results Here
Oct 14th Sun PYC PYC CYRC Results
West Wales CYRC Sailing Instructions 2018 (March 2018)
Entry Form
As previous you will need to compete in 3 out of 5 CYRCs to qualify for the years series. All forms will be  downloadable soon. Please print off entry form and bring with you on day to save time!!
Overall CYRC results 2017
Tata Steel SC
PYC CYRC 2017 Results
Dale CYRC results Fishguard Bay YC CYRC 2017
Results for 2016
Overall CYRC Results 2016 GH Overall CYRC Results 2016 
Photos taken on the day by Alex Brown and Adrian Owens of Pembrokeshire YC
Tenby CYRC June 2016 Results
 Dale Yacht Club CYRC Results 2016
Fishguard Bay YC CYRC Results 2016 
PYC CYRC Results 2016 
PPSA CYRC Results 2016 
Results for 2015
Pembrokeshire YC 14th June,2015 CYRC #2 Results Sheet 2015
Pembrokeshire YC 31st May,2015 PYC CYRC results 2015 
Tenby Sailing Club 5th July,2015 Tenby Sailing Club CYRC Results
Dale Yacht Club 22nd August,2015 2015 Dale YC CYRC results overall
Fishguard Bay Yacht Club 20th September, 2015 FBYC CYRC 2015

Results of 2014

Dale CYRC Results 2014,  Tenby CYRC results 2014,  PYC CYRC results 2014

Fishguard Bay Yacht Club- 2014 CYRC Gen Handicap results 2014 CYRC Optimist results 2014 CYRC Topper results,CYRC trophy list 2014

Photos of Tenby Sailing Clubs CYRC by Alistair Mackay https://www.dropbox.com/sc/osolztihwrki847/AABeT9rvzwtovR4BCibP0Y2Aa

and Pembrokeshire Yacht Clubs CYRC by Adrian Owens https://www.flickr.com/photos/29689887@N04/sets/72157645376151416