RYA Powerboat Courses

RYA Powerboat Level 2   This two-day course provides the skills and background knowledge needed to drive a powerboat and is the basis of the International Certificate of Competence.  It includes close quarters handling, high speed manoeuvres, man overboard recovery and collision regulations.     Eligibility  click here

PLEASE NOTE: This certificate now requires a passport photo. Please remember to bring one with you, otherwise we will not be able to issue you with your certificate.

Date Venue Cost Booking Pre course information
 30 June – 31 July Cardiff Bay Sea School £220.00  Book Here
 4-5 July Tiger Bay Training £295.00   Book Here
5-6 July Seawake £245.00   Book Here
5-6 July Navsar £210.00   Book Here
12-13 July Plas Menai £260.00   Book Here
12-13 July Seawake £245.00   Book Here
12-13 July Navsar £210.00   Book Here
16-17 July Navsar £210.00   Book Here
26-27 July Plas Menai £260.00   Book Here
26-27 July Navsar £210.00   Book Here
30-31 July Navsar £210.00   Book Here
2-3 August Plas Menai £260.00   Book Here
2-3 August Navsar £210.00   Book Here
9-10 August Plas Menai £260.00   Book Here
13-14 August Navsar £210.00   Book Here
16-17 August Plas Menai £260.00   Book Here
16-17 August Navsar £210.00   Book Here
23-24 August Plas Menai £260.00   Book Here
23-24 August Navsar £210.00   Book Here
27-28 August Navsar £210.00   Book Here
30-31 August Plas Menai £260.00   Book Here
30-31 August Navsar £210.00   Book Here


RYA Safety Boat Course   This two-day course provides the skills required when acting as an escort craft, safety boat or coach boat for a fleet of dinghies, windsurfers or canoes, or for racing or training activities.  It includes rescue techniques and elements of race management and mark laying. Eligibility Click Here

Date Venue Cost Booking Pre course information
 11-12 October Plas Menai £260.00 Book Here